The New York Virtuoso Singers

Harold Rosenbaum-Conductor

"The city’s outstanding concert choir..." — The New York Times

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Since its inception, The New York Virtuoso Singers has not only performed new music, it has made new music possible through hundreds of commissions and premieres, often working interactively with composers to see their creations through to fruition; and the group’s success is thanks in no small part to supporters like you!

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Donations to Canticorum Virtuosi, Inc., the parent 501(c)(3) nonprofit company of The New York Virtuoso Singers and The Canticum Novum Singers, are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Another way to give to CVI for senior citizens who have reached the age of 70
In the year seniors reach 70 years of age, they must start taking minimal withdrawals from their traditional IRA accounts, even if, financially, they don't need to. Seniors can instruct their IRA managers to send some of that distribution, whether monthly, quarterly, or annually, directly to CVI by check or electronic transfer. This will lessen tax consequences of the required minimum distribution, exactly as a charitable deduction on federal and some state tax forms. However, seniors over 70 may avoid some extra Medicare deductions that their increased adjusted gross income would entail, and in states that don't allow charitable deductions, like New Jersey, lessen their taxable income for the state. Please consult with your IRA account representative and your tax preparer on how to best set this up.

For more information or to send a gift by mail, please write to:
Canticorum Virtuosi, Inc.
90 Furman Street N. 107
Brooklyn, NY 11201